Deploy your Smart Contract

Fork, deploy and customize your NFT contract

Once your metadata are ready in the correct format, you can create your contract and list it from our UI. We're currently supporting ICON and Neutron but this process will cover all new chains supported by Craft. To begin the onboarding process, go to this page. This will take you to a screen where you can choose between listing an existing contract or creating a new one. For this tutorial, click on the second button to create a new contract.

The first form you encounter includes all the settings for your NFT presale. Here, you can specify various details such as the basic information (collection name, symbol of your collection), base URI (IPFS URI of the folder containing all the json in the collection), maximum supply (the maximum supply you want for your NFT collection), and price in native currency for your presale (mint price).

Additionally, you can set a mint limit per address (the maximum quantity an address can mint) and configure whitelist settings (lists of addresses that have priority over mint). Once you've completed the necessary settings, click on the "Deploy" button and follow the steps to deploy your contracts. After deployment, click on the explorer link provided to retrieve your contract address (here is Neutron). Proceed to the next step.

You can go back to the onboarding page and this time, click on “Existing collection” and paste your address. This allows you to modify your collection settings on Craft's frontend. It's recommended to provide comprehensive information for a complete project profile.

Fill in your project's roadmap, team composition, names, profile picture, banner, and specify royalties…

Your contract is now deployed and listed on Craft Now, create a ticket on Craft's Discord server to submit your application for review. Our team will thoroughly examine your project. Once approved, your project will be verified and people will be able to mint from Craft. The next step will teach you how to deploy a dedicated frontend for your mint (ICON only).

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