Format & publish metadata on IPFS

This tutorial assumes that you already have the metadata of your NFTs ready and formatted according to the Opensea standard. The key names can vary from this standard but you'll need to have the same structure! Here's an example of this structure:

    "name": "$CFT compound award",
    "description": "This award NFT is distributed to chads that compounded their rewards into $CFT",
    "image": "",
    "external_url": "",
    "attributes": [
            "key": "Type",
            "value": "Bull"

You can follow one of these tutorials to learn how to format your metadatas:

Once you have your images and JSON generated and uploaded to IPFS, you're good to go! Fell free to reach out on Discord if you need any help. You'll need to have your metadatas in the format of a BASE URI. It means that your URI should be the base folder hosting all of your JSON file For example: Is a base URI, querying data of tokenId 1 would mean querying: If you want to do a "reveal", you can get a baseUri with all items pointing to unrevealed metadata.

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