Launch the presale website

Fork and deploy the presale user interface

‼️ This part is currently available for the ICON chain only, we're converting the codebase for other chains and will release it shortly.

We have created a user interface template that will allow your users to take part in your presale. This template is open-source and can be easily deployed with no coding knowledge.

Step 2: Deploy on Netlify

If you don't have one already, please create a Github Account to get the repository of the website, please create an account or sign in.

Once it's done, browse to the UI repository and click on "fork" on the upper right corner of your browser. You don't need to change the name or description during the next step, just hit "create fork". Copy the URL of your newly created repository and keep it for later. It should look like[yourusername]/craft-presale-ui

There is a very simple way to deploy your website (for free!)

You'll need to prepare the environment variables for your website. Please refer to the previous part "Fork & deploy your Smart Contract" if you're not sure about how to get the IPFS hash. Please prepare

  • The primary color of your website in a hexadecimal format (for example #4FD4AC)

  • The name of your collection

  • The address of your Smart Contract (starting by cx)

  • The IPFS hash of your "unrevealed NFT" (generated in the previous chapter)

  • The IPFS hash of the logo of your collection (can be generated like the unrevealed NFT)

  • The target network for your collection (mainnet by default)

You can then create your Web App by replacing [repository] by your repository URL (generated above):[repository]#NODE_VERSION=14&AWS_LAMBDA_JS_RUNTIME=nodejs14.x

An initial version of your website will be deployed, but the build won't work! You'll need to customize a few setings beforehand.

Click on the "Site settings" tab and "Build & deploy" section.

Scroll down to "Environment" and search for the "Environment Variables" section. You can click on "Edit Variables" and fill the key/value form as following:

APP_COLOR="#4FD4AC" // The main color for your website (hexadecimal format)
APP_COLLECTION="Craft Presale" // The name of your collection
APP_SCORE_ADDRESS="cx7bf7d1bf899ca4208c87468aecfa1e7cc50f64dd" // The address of your smart contract
APP_ICON_NETWORK="mainnet" // leave as "mainnet"
APP_LOGO_HASH="QmT6tsH1Y9AiPePWmQeXgAgJYGCKgCehcVPgNbo1qTTaSZ" // The IPFS hash of the logo of your collection 
APP_UNREVEALED_HASH="QmRsQbgEY5hT6ZDs1nRD5ZsGiJ6eJgk3c56obxyd7vGdpg" // The IPFS hash of the unrevealed NFT of your collection

Please change the values above with your own variables (see above) and your environment variables should look like this:

Click on "Save", and then click on the "Deploys" tab and click on the "Trigger deploy -> Deploy site" button.

As you have probably noticed, your website has a complex domain name, you can purchase and link a domain to your hosting by upgrading to a paid tier and following this tutorial. Don't hesitate to ask for help on the Discord server if necessary.

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