Craft Network

Prepare and launch the presale

Now that you have your Smart Contract deployed and your website live, we'll see how to operate your Smart Contract. For this, you'll need to browse to, this service will allow you to read/write on your contract.
The first step is to connect your wallet to the hub. You can connect through Hana/ICONex, keystore or direct private key. For this tutorial, we recommend to use ICONex/Hana. You can click on the "Authentication" tab and click on "Connect ICONex"
Then you'll need to scroll down to the "Contract calls" section. You can copy your Smart Contract address in the field and hit refresh. That's it! Your hub is ready to interact with your contract.
The left column is for read-only methods and the right one for write methods that will change the state of your SCORE.

Set presale price and start presale

To launch your presale, the first step is to set the price, and search in the right column for the "setPresalePrice" method. You can input the price in ICX for your presale. Please note that the unit is in loops (1000000000000000000 loops = 1 ICX) and that the minimum price is 1 ICX per unit. Set your presale price in loops, then click on "setPresalePrice" and finally you'll be able to click on "openPresale", this will start your presale!

Handle whitelist and mint limit

By default, the contract allow every address to mint and there is no mint limit. To enable the whitelist, you'll need to format the address of the whitelisted addresses as a Javascript array. You can get them on a Google Sheet and use a tool like this one to convert them into an array. You can hit "enableWhitelist" and paste the array in "addWhitelist" to add addresses in your whitelist. You can disable whitelist condition by clicking on "disableWhitelist"
For the limit the system is similar you can call setMintLimit to set a mint limit per address, you can set it to 0 to remove this condition.